Calcutta Chamber of Trade has completed twenty five (25) glorious years and now has become one of the largest trade bodies having a membership strength of about 600 members. It started 25 years ago when traders of the area felt it necessary to create a platform to draw the attention of the Govt and other administrative bodies towards the problems faced by traders in general. growing antisocial activities and perennial labour problems in the area. Thus N. S. Road General Traders Association was born on 11th November 1983. And in the years to follow, as the area of operation and activities grew and diversified, the name was changed to Calcutta Chamber of Trade on 14' October 1991. Main objectives of the Chamber thus formed were :

  1. To foster fellow feelings among the traders:

  2. To act as a platform for traders to alleviate their sufferings,

  3. To organise deputations to Central & State Government and to other public bodies to highlight the burning issues in the interest of trade and commerce.

  4. To act as a mediator in case of any dispute relating to tenancy, labour, taxation etc.

  5. lo organise seminars and discussions for diffusion of knowledge amongst traders.

  6. To publish useful literature and booklets relating to the general interest of members.

  7. To discharge social obligations as and when exigencies arise.

Whenever there is any change in fiscal policies of the Government, changes in Tax structure, introduction of new taxes and levies, members are informed by means of trade circulars. The Chamber is also active in sending pre-budget memoranda to Central and State Governments which receives due importance and recognition from the respective ministries.

To highlight the ill effects of any proposed Taxes and Levies  the memoranda are sent to the respective ministries followed by deputations.


Some of the success stories include revocation of Way-Bill by the Government of West Bengal for Exports, Internal movement of goods within the state and on personal carriage of' goods; implementation of our suggestions in conversion of the Multi-Point System of Taxation to Single Point for 530 commodities; a complete overhaul of West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act withdrawal of Turnover Tax, trade - friendly changes in the Value Added Tax.      


Apart from continuing with the present activities which are generally trade and business oriented, the Chamber is planning to do some social service for the betterment of society, at large. Rather than just being a problem solving body Calcutta Chamber of Trade has arduously built a learn of dedicated workers, in order to lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

Members of this Chamber are from diversified fields dealing in Hand & Power Tools, Fasteners, Agricultural Equipments, Bearings. Pipe, Pipefitting & Valves, Sanitary Wares, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Equipments, Welding Equipments and consumables, Polymer & Rubber Products, Material Handing & Lifting Equipments, Abrasives. Non-Ferrous & Ferrous Alloys, Machinery & Spares, General Hardware Products.
Office of the Chamber is situated at the heart of the business center at 23, Strand Road Kolkata - 700 001.


The membership fold comprises of firms as old as 100 years, companies whose products and services have received national recognition, for adopting time tested quality standards, high moral and ethical business precepts and policies.

In the years ahead the Chamber craves to wear many a golden feather in its cap.